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Becoming Catholic

At The Gate Of Bliss
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Jubilee 2000
Bringing the World to Jesus.

How To Become A Catholic
Becoming Catholic is one of life’s most profound and joyous experiences. Some are blessed enough to receive this great gift while they are infants, and, over time, they recognize the enormous grace that has been bestowed on them. Others enter the Catholic fold when they are older children or adults. This tract examines the joyful process by which one becomes a Catholic.

Totus Tuus Ministries
Totus Tuus Ministris was founded to evangelize Catholics through retreats, conferences, the study of Sacred Scripture and defense of the Catholic Faith called Apologetics.

The Sacred Heart
THE SACRED HEART is inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of His Virgin Mother Mary discussing prayers, blessings, devotions, litanies, sacraments, mass, The Communion and Canonization of Saints and Rosary

Catholics Come Home
Discover the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. We are Catholic. Welcome home.

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