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Prayer & Scripture

Online Ministries
This site, sponsored by the Collaborative Ministry office of Creighton University, offers Daily Reflections, Preparing for Sunday, and a 34 week Online Retreat, patterned after the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Catholic Prayers- EWTN Global Catholic Network
Our Father Prayer, Guardian Angel, Holy Rosary, Apostles Creed, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Stations of the Cross, Sacred Heart, morning offering.

The Seven Dolors Of Mary
Uplifting powerful prayers, devotions and meditations for those searching for peace, hope and joy. Many important topics covered and over 375 links to valuable resources. Join our Apostate! Free Rosaries, Scapulars and more.

The Bread Of Life Web Site
This web site is dedicated to the awesome, unfathomable Divine Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ who came into this world to save us.

Treasury Of Novenas
Its name deriving from the Latin word "novem," meaning "nine," a novena is nine days' private or public devotion in the Catholic Church to obtain special graces. Though they are not part of our liturgy and remain a "popular devotion" (a very few are prayed paraliturgically), they've been prayed since the very beginning of the Church -- and before its official beginning: Mary and the Apostles prayed from His Ascension to the Pentecost, a period of nine days (Acts 1). Also, a nine-day period of supplication was a pagan Roman and Eastern practice, so novenas were easily accepted by the earliest converts in these lands

Oremus Prayer Group
Oremus is an italian catholic prayer group dedicated to the Holy Virgin. You can join our group or you can simply send us your prayer requests.

Resurrection House Of Prayer
Our community and this Web site are dedicated to the glory of God.We take prayer requests, received here daily, and put them before the Lord.

Association Of The Miraculous Medal
The Association of the Miraculous Medal brings Mary conceived without sin to the Catholics of North America. She shows God's fatherly care and her own motherly concern. The National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal is our center of prayer.

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