10 Catholic books to read this summer

10 Catholic books to read this summer

Summer is a great season for Catholic reading!

Summer is a great season for Catholic reading! 

The longer days and slower pace allow you to dig into great books and deepen your Catholic faith.

This doesn’t last forever, so to help you optimize your time, we’ve pulled together 10 recommendations. Any mix of them will give you a well-rounded reading experience.



Some highlights:


The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. A classic set that’s great to read with kids.

Fun reading can include plenty of Catholic truth. If you like to use your imagination to grow in faith, check out our fiction section.


You Can Understand the Bible by Peter Kreeft. One of the most popular books in the store! 

The slower pace of summer is conducive to praying with Scripture. If you’ve never done Lectio Divina outside in the early morning, we recommend it. Keep this book at hand for a helpful guide.



Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love by Trent Horn. A clear, comprehensive overview of need-to-know topics.

Use your free time to learn more about your faith and how to answer questions from family and friends that stump you. 



The Holy Mass: On Earth as it is in Heaven by Kevin and Mary O’Neill. Big pages covered with comic-book style explanations of the Mass using Legos! 

This will be great for kids to read in the car to and from Mass.


Happy summer!