4 Ways to Have a Fantastic Easter Season

4 Ways to Have a Fantastic Easter Season

As Catholics, we seem to have Lent figured out.  The same is not always true of Easter.

At 50 days, Easter is a longer liturgical season than Lent, but we tend to forget about it as soon as we’re done hunting eggs. We are celebrating the return of the bridegroom and the victory of Christ over death; we should keep the celebration going!
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Here are a few ideas to do just that…

Share a Feast

Of course this doesn’t mean eating to the point of gluttony, but eating nicer or more exciting foods than normal is a great way to observe the celebratory season. Go out to eat a few more times, eat a little candy and Easter desserts, or even host an Easter party or two! Bringing your family and friends together for a barbecue or brunch is a great way to make Easter a community celebration.

If you’re into cooking, there are also lots of traditional Easter recipes from all over the world to try. Hot cross buns are technically Good Friday pastries, but they’re still delicious during the Easter season. Or try the Polish Easter bread babka for another take on Easter sweets. And of course, lamb or ham are classic Easter entrees, so why not have them for a celebration later in the season as well?

Pick Up a New Devotion

This is a great chance to lock in any new prayer habits you picked up during Lent. And if you didn’t? That’s okay, too. Consider adding a devotion that feels like it’s missing in your prayer life. Whether that means trying out the rosary, exploring the Divine Mercy devotion, or learning how to read the Bible, Easter is a great time to make steps to joyfully grow closer to Christ.

Read Something Awesome

Easter is hardly the time to pick up a dry book. Instead, opt for something that’s easy to digest yet memorable.

For a short and sweet classic, try Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart by Fr. Jacques Phillippe. For a more contemporary work, Fr. Gregory Pine’s book Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly is a fantastic account of virtue. If you’re interested in learning about saints, we recommend The Power of St. Joseph: Five Reasons Why He Is Terror of Demons (And How You Can Be One Too) by Devin Schadt. It’s a fantastic read about one of the Church’s greatest saints.

Whatever you pick, try to make it something you want to read, rather than something you think you should read. After all, this is supposed to be a celebration, not a penance.

Give Easter Gifts

Many people received gifts in their Easter baskets, but it isn’t too late to give a family member or friend something to help celebrate the season.

The gifts don’t have to be big: An Easter candle or bracelet would be great, and you can incorporate personal tastes into the gift. Resurrection socks are also a super fun gift if the person likes to jazz up their wardrobe.

However you choose to celebrate the Easter season, make it special. This is a time for rejoicing, so rejoice! When you do, you’ll find your Faith — and your joy — will grow.