5 Ways to Stay Catholic All Summer

5 Ways to Stay Catholic All Summer

You’ve got your beach bag packed. What’s missing? Don’t forget your Faith!

You’ve got your beach bag packed:

✅ Sunscreen
✅ Blanket
✅ Water
✅ Snacks
✅ The latest must-read novel

What’s missing?

Don’t forget your Faith!

Whether you’re on a week-long vacation or you’re at work dreaming about sun and sea, you can easily find ways to keep your Faith going strong. Here are 5 ways to stay Catholic all summer!

1. Thank God each morning for warmth and sunshine

As the Creator of all things, God gifts us with these summer months so we can appreciate everything around us. As you listen to the birds chirping in your backyard, cultivate your garden or cool off in a lake or ocean, take the time to tell God how much you appreciate all of it.

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2. Put a Rosary in your car or carry-on. 

If you’re going on a trip this summer, be sure to have a Rosary with you. Say a decade during quiet moments in the car or on the plane. 

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3. Attend Mass more often.

The warmer months are a great time to go to daily Mass, or to at least attend an extra day besides Sundays. Rise early with the sun and find a morning Mass near you. You’ll be amazed at how your spirit will be lifted throughout the day.

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4. Visit a shrine or basilica.

As you plan your summer vacation, look for nearby shrines or basilicas to visit. If you’re traveling with children, this is a great opportunity to show them how important Faith should be in every aspect of their lives. 

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5. Grab a Catholic book to read at the beach.

In addition to that novel you’ve been itching to read - or maybe even instead of it - pack a book about the saints or a work by a pope or Catholic theologian. Here are some great ones to get you started.